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Growing soil for outdoor plants requiring acidic soil

Soil improver for improvement of an existing growing soil

 — mixed bog and fen peat, good water-binging qualities, acidic reaction, free of diseases and weed.
Pine bark — ensures good aeration and water permeability of the soil, increases biological activity in the soil, pine bark stops the spread of root rot causing fungi.
Sand — ensures consistent structure and good water permeability of the soil.
Horse manure compost — biotechnologically prepared compost, which contains rich amounts of nutrients for plants. Ensures a suitable microbiological mix for plants. Recognition reg. no. 09/ABP/K001
Biohumus (vermicompost) — manure worm compost. Adds vitamins, growth regulators, amino acids and a beneficial microflora to the soil.
Humine preparation — accelerates development of strong roots, improves the microflora of the soil. Helps the plant to assimilate nutrients. Humines alleviate the plant’s growing stress arising from unfavourable growing conditions. Fertilizers — a special fertilizer for rhododendrons ensures availability of nutrients in the post-planting season.

The composition of Matogard’s rhododendron and conifer soil ensures good water permeability of the soil, good aeration, acidic soil reaction, necessary nutrients, beneficial and active microbiological mix.