A special soil that is ready to be used for growing flowers in different pots, boxes, hanging vases and vessels.

INGREDIENTS: Peat, horse manure compost, biohumus, perlite, humine powder, controlled-release fertiliser, dolomite meal, water gel, wetting agent.
Peat – the main component that is neutralized with dolomite powder and mixed with mineral fertilizer.
Horse manure compost – floral nutritional compost biotechnologically made of horse manure. Ensures a suitable microbiological mix
for plants.
Biohumus (vermicompost) – manure worm compost. Adds vitamins, growth regulators, amino acids and a beneficial microflora to the soil.
Perlite – these ingredients bind water and stop the soil from drying.
Humine powder – accelerates the development of strong roots, improves the microflora of the soil. It helps plants to assimilate nutrients. Humins relieve the growing stress of a plant due to unfavorable growing conditions.
Controlled-release fertiliser – fertilisers with a long-term effect, which ensure the supply of nutrients to plants during the entire growth period, up to 6 months.
Water gel – water-binding pellets.
Wetting agent – ensures fast absorption of water in dry soil and uniform distribution.


Use vessels with sufficient size. The amount of soil should be 1.5–2 l per plant. For vigorous summer flowers use 3 l of soil per plant. To drain excess water, put a 2–5 cm drainage layer (light gravel) to the bottom of the vessel. Then apply a layer of soil. After planting and compressing the soil, leave 2 cm of free space to the edge of the vessel to facilitate watering.
To achieve plentiful blossoms, provide a sufficient amount of water for the plant in a warm summer. Matogard Summer Flower Soil includes fertilizers for the whole growing period. If necessary, provide fertilizers for a growing period.