Who we are?

Matogard OÜ produces and markets potting soil both for plants and flowers.

Matogard OÜ is an Estonian capital based company producing plant and flower soils. We are located in Tori Rural Municipality in Pärnu County. Tori is known in Estonia largely because of the horses. BIO-Kompost (BIO-Compost), which is produced from horse manure, is an essential component of soil mixes of Matogard.

Matogard OÜ produces and markets potting soil both for plants and flowers. We can consider ourselves as one of the first ones in Estonia who have produced, packed and marketed flower soil. We started selling houseplant soils in 1994. Having grown house- and pot plants in Tori gardening farm, we recognized in practice the usefulness of the compost produced from horse manure for the growth, development, blooming of flowers. By adding horse manure compost to the soil mixes, we ensure the useful microbiological community, the nutrients are more easily assimilable for plants and we reduce washing out of nutrients with water (nutrients are more tightly connected than in case of fertilizing only with mineral fertilizers). BIO-compost produced from horse manure is of the best bioenergetic value for the plants. The plants are more resistant to diseases and they are able to bear better the stress due to unfavourable growth conditions.


The mission of Matogard is to offer a gardener satisfaction and pleasure through our production and the process of growing plants. When using the growing soils of Matogard, the plants are healthy, strong, beautiful and fruitful.



The vision of Matogard is to be No. 1 producer of potting soils in Northern Europe for environmentally conscious clients who appreciate biological diversity.